• Innovation and Invention

    CCS is founded and run by a team experienced in operating Pathways Community HUBs providing a resource you can rely on for an economically sustainable, comprehensive, coordinated system of community health.

Pioneers in Pathway Model Development

Sarah Redding, MD, MPH, co-developed the Pathways Model with her husband, Mark Redding, MD, in 2001 and successive work led to the Pathways Community HUB Model. Care Coordination Systems has been working to refine and broaden its service offerings to develop and optimize Pathways Community HUBs across the country.

Best practices, payment-for-outcomes process and services that successfully identify, treat, and measure for those at risk is unparalleled in the community health industry.

Hands-On Experience & Expertise

Our experience gives you the expertise you can count on to successfully achieve the benefits of a Pathways Community HUB.

Constantly Committed to Community Health

CCS is dedicated to enhancing the health of communities like yours. Constantly committed, constantly evolving, working to develop new tools and exclusive service offerings every day, is at the core of what we do.

By connecting you to those at risk in your community and helping you deliver the health – both physical and behavioral – and social services those individuals need in a timely, efficient, and economical manner, we are proud to be able to assist you in advancing the well-being of your community.

The CCS Pathways Community HUB Model represents the culmination of years of development to offer communities the support they need to achieve sustained success in improving health.
Bob Harnach
Care Coordination Systems

Rely on CCS to make implementation and sustainable operations efficient and economical.

CCS offers everything for putting a Pathways Community HUB Model in place for your organization a simple and streamlined process and keep it running for years to come. Our extensive service offerings work together to make sure your system operates smoothly, with the ultimate in coordination and quality assurance. Sustainability is achieved through a contacting methodology focused on obtaining consistent funding and efficiently delivering the services your community needs.

CCS provides you with:

  • Programmatic organizational structure templates
  • Collaborative connections with funding sources and community agencies
  • Pathways workflow tools and connectivity services
  • Field-proven contracting and invoicing systems
  • Comprehensive tracking solutions
  • Robust data management
  • Continuous quality assurance monitoring
  • Periodic HUB evaluation and optimization

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