Helping You Start and Sustain a Pathways Community HUB.

CCS offers all of the tools and services you need to create an efficiently run, economically sustainable Pathways Community HUB. These tools and services are based on a proprietary 3-step approach comprised of Discovery and Design, Implementation, and Optimization.


Step 1: Discovery and Design.

The process begins by doing all the homework necessary to understand the particular needs and capabilities of your community in order to properly put in place a Pathways Community HUB Model you can count on for success.


CCS initiates a variety of actions to clarify your community’s needs and develop a starting plan for your Community HUB by:

  • Identifying your community requirements
  • Reviewing your community resources
  • Reviewing potential Community HUB Funders/Payers
  • Reviewing personnel requirements
  • Assisting in the development of HIPAA compliant policies
  • Drafting a comprehensive Pathways Community HUB plan of action

2Step 2: Implementation.

Once your community needs have been identified and a plan of action has been put together, CCS helps you structure your Community HUB, build collaborative relationships with other important parties, and inform and educate your personnel on program execution.


These objectives are accomplished through a number of tools and services, including:

  • Programmatic organizational templates that guide and document the structure of your Community HUB
  • Assistance with establishing and documenting relationships with multiple funding sources, partnering organizations, and community agencies
  • Help in securing banking and other professional relationships
  • The latest technology for tying measured outcomes and results to the payment parameters of financial contracts, utilizing:
    • Software solutions including Pathways Mobile
    • Pathways workflow tools and field connectivity services
    • Field-proven contracting and invoicing systems
    • Complete tracking solutions
    • Robust data management
  • Comprehensive initial training for all Care Coordinators, Supervisors, and other Community HUB and Agency personnel through:
    • Onsite and online support
    • Pathways client health education videos and other innovative tools
  • System launch and evaluation services

1Step 3: Optimization.

Once your Community HUB is up and running, CCS continues to work to assure your system performs efficiently, meets all appropriate requirements for accountability, and delivers the economies that result in sustainable operations.


CCS helps keep your Community HUB optimized and organized through these vital offerings:

  • Continuous quality assurance monitoring to maintain Community HUB and related agency service performance excellence
  • Regular assessment of Community HUB financial performance to assure that economic goals are met
  • Periodic Community HUB systems evaluation and optimization measurements through community needs reporting and metrics analyses
  • Periodic reviews to determine needs for and possibilities of providing expanded service offerings
  • Regular training updates for all Care Coordinators, Supervisors, and other Community HUB and Agency personnel to:
    • Maintain expertise in addressing relevant legal, contracting, information technology (IT), educational and quality improvement requirements of the Community HUB
    • Regular reviews of and feedback regarding Care Coordinator and other Community HUB personnel performance

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