• The Pathways Community HUB Model

    At CCS, we provide the benefits of the Pathways Community HUB Model in a simple, economical, and easy format for you to experience.

Closing the gap between cost and quality.

The US spends more money on healthcare than any other nation, yet lags behind developed countries in key outcomes. The Pathways Community HUB Model helps address this situation by identifying at-risk individuals and providing them with an effective, coordinated connection to medical and social services.

Promoting the goals of healthcare reform.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is intended to improve health while containing costs. Part of this challenge is creating a system of accountability for achieving optimal outcomes. The Pathways Community HUB Model can help you meet this goal while complementing the efforts of the Accountable Care Organizations soon to come.

Changing the paradigm of caring for those at risk.

Traditional healthcare has relied on a reactionary system that delivers treatment in response to urgent needs and reimbursement based on service volume rather than value. The Pathways Community HUB Model helps reverse this trend by shifting the treatment emphasis to preventative care that contains costs rather than increasing expenditures.

Put the Pathways Community HUB Model to work for you.

Simplifying implementation to streamline your systems.

Though the promises of an organized community health system are great, the road to implementing such a system can be challenging. That’s why at CCS we specialize in managing all the key elements of an effective Community HUB for you, including:

  • Processing of all necessary governance documents
  • Conducting needs assessments of your at-risk populations
  • Providing technical assistance to get your community ready for implementation
  • Creating an accurate, efficient data management system
  • Furnishing all necessary data collection tools
  • Linking tracking and payment systems together
  • Delivering all necessary Community Care Coordinator, Supervisor and other Community HUB personnel training

In short, everything we do at CCS is designed to provide you with a turnkey approach to putting your Pathways Community HUB Model in place and giving you everything you need for success.

Count on CCS to reliably achieve the benefits of a Community HUB.

There are many benefits to implementing a Community HUB, and CCS makes it easy to experience all of them. In its essence, the Community HUB acts as a central clearing house that registers and tracks at-risk individuals, making sure their health – both physical and behavioral – and social needs are identified and addressed.

In addition, the Community HUB creates a system of communication, collaboration, and built-in incentives that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of health and social services. The Community HUB facilitates the ability of providers and agencies to work collaboratively to deliver evidence-based interventions with a focus on prevention and early treatment.

By thereby encouraging providers to focus on patient-centered outcomes, and compensating them accordingly, the Community HUB creates a system of accountability for all services provided. Tying incentives to value rather than volume encourages everyone to improve the overall picture of personal health as a means to effectively lowering healthcare costs.

The CCS Community Hub provides…

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Put the right Pathways to work for your community.

Pathways provide a basis for implementing the key stages required for delivering high-quality, efficient and effective connection to care services. Each Pathway focuses on one significant client need or problem and identifies and documents the steps to achieve an optimal, measureable outcome.

A Pathway is initiated by a community care coordinator when a need is identified. The Pathway is then tracked from start to finish – documenting the completion of a measureable outcome. One program participant may be on many Pathways depending on the needs identified.

A wide variety of Pathways are available under this Model, and all can be implemented by a single trained community care coordinator who guides the identification, connection to care, and measurement process. Finally, Pathways create incentives for reaching positive outcomes by tying financial payments to key stages of success.

CCS Pathways provide the means to…

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CCS provides all the tools you need to get going.

No matter how complex an individual’s health – both physical and behavioral – or social needs are, CCS Pathways give you a logical, predetermined workflow for managing them and achieving optimal, measured outcomes.

Through checklists for identifying at-risk individuals, connections to evidence-based services, and tracking that verifies the results, you get a turn-key approach to handling whatever services the people in your community need for better health outcomes.

CCS tools for putting Pathways in place include…


  • Checklists that identify risks


  • Confirmed connections to evidence-based interventions


  • Pathway tracking for measuring results
History of the Pathways Community HUB Model

The Pathways Community HUB Model forms the foundation for a payment-for-outcomes health strategy that has been successfully used by states and local organizations in communities across the United States.

CCS represents the next step in the evolution of the Pathways Community HUB Model. CCS relieves communities from the burdens of implementing the Model themselves by providing state-of-the-art technology and innovative tools that streamline development and optimize operational efficiencies.

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